My New Raspberry Pi Case

Pi Case (Power/SD)

LEGO are awesome. Seriously. You can build anything with them. Including cases. Like for a Raspberry Pi. So I decided to go get some. Okay, they aren’t genuine LEGO, but for the price I don’t care; they got the job done at a fraction of the price. Anyway, after I was done playing with them like a 12-year-old, I got to work on crafting the perfect case.

The nice thing is that it seems like Raspberry Pi Foundation decided to design the board to match LEGO metrics, as the board fits rather well between blocks.

The best part about a LEGO case is that you can always refactor your design whenever you get new peripherals or accessories that don’t fit in the original design, unlike the 3D-printed cases you find online. Perfect for when you decide to add some heat sinks or when you opt for liquid cooling!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s version 1.0 (read: what I managed to make before I ran out of blocks).

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